29 Eylül 2008 Pazartesi

The Mark [Rip]


Files Info:
*Rar Size : 294 MB
*Size After Extract : 1.83 Gb

Minimum Sistem Gereksinimleri:
*Windows XP SP2
*Pentium IV 2.8 Ghz processor or faster
*512MB RAM
*128MB video adapter
*DirectX 9.0 compatible

The Mark wants to be like a Hollywood-style buddy movie--in this case, a US Marine and a British mercenary who must team up to stop London from being nuked by terrorists. It's a fairly generic but passable plot device, but the game manages to get everything else wrong. The plot itself is overly contrived and makes no sense. For example, before they nuke London, the terrorists need to kill the marine and his sister because they're the only people who can identify the missile they plan to use. But wouldn't the missile be vaporized by the nuclear explosion? There's also the fact that the bad guy's father, a gazillionaire, finds out about the plot and wants to stop it. But instead of picking up the phone and calling, say, the British government, he hires a mercenary to protect the marine. Because as long as he's alive, the terrorists won't launch their missile because he could identify it


1) Extract
2) Run Unpak.bat
3) Wait
4) Enjoy The Game

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