19 Eylül 2008 Cuma


I have a dream,
A dream of escaping the tangled web of loneliness,
A dream of flying high with joy and happiness,
A dream which prevails in my mind,
A dream which seems like a beautiful mirage in my deserted life.

I have a dream,
A dream of a partner full of love and compassion,
A dream of a person who would willingly become my shadow,
A dream of a love who I would never loose from my heart,
A dream of a soul who would suffer from my pains,
A dream of a lover who would gleefully join hands and venture into unknowns lands.

Sometimes It seems like the dreams are turning into reality,
A beacon of hope shines for a stranded boat in desolate ocean,
unluckily I loose the sight of hope in the rough seas of emotions,
as realities take over the sweet imaginations.

As a marooned sailor of the lonely ship,
I would hang on to the lonely beach,
I would keep dreaming on for the daring rescue,
For if the dreams die, I will fade away like a sea shell in the ocean.

Jay P Narain

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